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What To Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer

A divorce or dissolution is the legal termination of a marriage. There are factors that make it complicated. It is more permanent than a simple separation. It involves a legal process. This process sometimes takes several days, weeks or even years. Couples who file for divorce are usually emotional. Do not let your emotions hinder your reasoning. Prepare yourself before meeting with your divorce lawyer Houston. Read on to know about the five things you must focus on when discussing divorce.

  • Property

Marital property is property acquired during a marriage. Separate property is property owned before marriage. Inheritances and third-party gifts are also considered as separate properties. Marital property includes cars, furniture, and marital home amongst others. There are two ways to settle the division of properties. It can be through a property settlement or by judicial decree. It is important to list all your marital properties before meeting with your lawyer. Include whose name appears on the deed or title.

  • Child support

Child support is mandatory involving minor children. The law requires parents to provide financial support to their minor children. There must be an order for child support even if the other parent is out of employment or is in absentia. The required amount for each parent to contribute depends on a lot of things. Such as their income and time allocation. A court order settles this. Or a mutual agreement between both parties through a written document.

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  • Spousal support

There is a legal obligation for a spouse who brings in more money. He or she should provide financial support to their spouse. A spouse can have alimony after deliberation. Only when a spouse meets the required criteria can he or she claim alimony. That is if the spouse cannot meet his or her needs without the financial help of the other spouse. Each state has different requirements. It is not true that only men pay alimony. Discuss your financial needs with your lawyer when talking about divorce.

  • Child custody

Child custody depends on the state. The physical and emotional welfare of the child are some factors considered. It is not easy to decide on the custody of minor children. Both parents should do it. It is important to determine who the primary caretaker is. This is the most important factor. It is the parent who does the majority of childcare tasks. This includes but is not limited to cooking meals and fetching the child from school. It is also the parent with the closest emotional bond. There are different types of custody. Determine which one you would like and discuss it with your lawyer.

  • Documents

Do not forget to bring all your documents when you finally decide to meet with your lawyer. There are lots of important documents you should bring. Deeds, titles, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements are some of these. Bank statements, mortgage statements, financial statements, and insurance policies are important as well. Wills, and powers of attorneys will also affect the divorce process.

You should give your lawyer all the necessary information. Do not wait for your lawyer to ask you questions about things you could have told him or her beforehand. Being prepared to meet with your lawyer is only the beginning of the divorce process.