Get Free Consultation For Filing A Divorce Case

Get Free Consultation For Filing A Divorce Case

One of the biggest mistakes of married people filing a divorce case is to look for a divorce lawyer instantly to ask for their legal assistance. Did you know that these divorce lawyers will suggest first to reconcile both parties and try to fix the problem? Indeed, all divorce lawyers will get your side and understand everything, whether your plan is subject to a divorce or not.

Looking for a divorce lawyer to help you deal with a divorce case is the wisest choice to get advice or any legal help. Here’s a Singapore Lawyer with free consultation. Contact them today!

What do they offer?

The law firm provides top-quality divorce services at the most affordable legal fees. The team has dedicated and experienced divorce lawyers in Singapore. The family lawyers are consistently named as the most reputable and leading Singapore lawyers. The fees are clear, transparent, and fixed from the outset.

A free consultation is also offered, focusing on settling a divorce case amicably. But, if the spouse doesn’t wish to settle, it often achieves exceptional litigation results. These divorce lawyers will help you out on winning a divorce case in court. Yes, you can win 75% for the matrimonial assets. Arguably, one of the highest percentages in divorce cases in Singapore that swings in matrimonial assets is 25%-75%.

The divorce lawyers are also involved in the new law in Singapore in the division of the matrimonial assets. They can fight on your corner and their proven success record makes every client confident that they can win on the case they are facing on the court.

Here's a Singapore Lawyer with free consultation. Contact them today!

Who is eligible to file a divorce?

An applicant should qualify according to the requirements before getting a divorce in Singapore, these are:

  • Married for a minimum of 3 years. An applicant should prove that they have been married for at least 3 years. Providing some proof why a divorce case is filed, such as a spouse suffering from exceptionally unreasonable and cruel and suffering exceptional hardship.
  • Supporting documents. There are three supporting documents that the party must provide:
  • Permanent Resident (PR) or Singaporean Citizen
  • Domiciled in Singapore at the start of the divorce process
  • Lived in Singapore for 3 years (immediately preceding the divorce application)
  • Irretrievable breakdown. The applicant must show evidence during their marriage life.

All these must be reached out to the divorce lawyers to discuss the situation to better guide you on the eligibility and options. The first consultation is given for free, to get further advice and understanding, whether they are eligible to file a divorce case or not.

Here’s a Singapore Lawyer with free consultation. Contact them today!