Everything You Need to Know About Mis-Sold Pension Compensation

Everything You Need to Know About Mis-Sold Pension Compensation

Sadly, the pension of many UK citizens are at risk by advisors who are able to convince them to drag their retirement money out of secure and safe investments for risky investments instead. In fact, it’s not easy for an investor to analyze if the money they have invested inhasan appropriatelevel of risk for them. To know more about mis sold pension compensation, continue reading this post.

Wondering how to tell if you have been mis-sold a pension? There is no doubt that in today’s world, it’s essential to have some kind of pension. As life expectancy continues to rise, a lot of people will cheer a lengthy retirement and moreover, they require some method of covering all costs for later years. Unhappily, a lot of people in the UK have been successfully putting their money into inappropriate investments through SIPPs, i.e. self-invested personal pensions. An investmentthat promises them huge returns andensures they can have a comfortable retirement. Sadly, the truth is these kinds of investments are worthless.

So, what you can do if you have been mis-sold pension? Pension Justice is here for people across the UK who are seeking mis-sold pension compensation. When it comes to the probability of mis-sold person claims, there are a lot of people in the UK who are not sure whether they qualify for the claim or not. So, if you’re one of those people, then don’t panic as you can seek the help from Pension Justice and you can ask them whether you’re eligible for mis-sold pension claims or not.

mis sold pension compensation

How you can know if you’re entitled to mis-sold pension compensation?

If the following cases apply to you, then you may have a claim:

  1. You got advice to move away from a Final salary company pension.
  2. Your pension, which is updated, was not compared with stakeholder pension of low-cost.
  3. You gotadvice to move to a self-invested personal pension.
  4. You have placed your pension into a high-risk place or portfolio.
  5. You were moved over from your pension with a higher tax-free cash limit.
  6. You didn’t get annual reviews and ongoing projections and support.

However, no matter how lengthy or complicated your case is, you can still gethelp from Pension Justice. They have a simple rule and it’s‘No Win, No Fee’ and that’s the best thing about them and why many people in the UK prefer them over others when it comes to a mis sold pension compensation claim. At Pension Justice, their main goal is to aid their clients, no matter how bad their situation is. You can ask the team of Pension Justice whatever you want. Everymis-sold pension claims procedures is hassle-free and straightforward. They don’t give their clients lengthy forms to complete and they handle all these things on your behalf professionally.