Drink Driving Laws

Drink Driving Laws and Penalties in Australia

Do you know it’s a criminal offence to drive a vehicle recklessly or negligently? Driving at a dangerous speed or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in serve punishment. Even worse, it can result in a person’s death. In fact, causing death by dangerous driving is a very serious offence that can have lifelong consequences.

Being charged with a drink driving offence can bring ramifications to your personal and professional life, including losing your driving license and your job that will impact your family who relies on you. Drink driving laws in Australia constantly evolve and become complex over time. For these reasons, it’s essential to know drink driving laws in Australia so that you can make informed decisions and seek legal help from the best criminal lawyers in Sydney.

What is Drink Driving?

Drink driving is referred to when a person drives a car or vehicle under the influence of alcohol that exceeds the threshold amount of BAC. In short, it refers to drinking alcohol and operating a vehicle. Vehicles aren’t’ just limited to cars but also includes motorcycles, boats, jet skis, lawnmowers, etc.

There are six types of drink driving charges, such as

  • High range drink driving
  • Mid-range drink driving
  • Low range drink driving
  • DUI
  • Novice and special range drink driving

These charges have their own penalties, including hefty fines, imprisonment, driver license disqualification, and criminal record. If you have caused death due to reckless driving and speeding under the influence of alcohol, you’ll be sentenced to lifelong imprisonment based on the degree of the conviction. So, it’s not advisable to drive the vehicle if you are drunk and breach the threshold. If you’re accused of a drink driving offence and taken to custody, remain silent until the criminal lawyers in Sydney have intervened. This is because the police will try to frame you as they have a set of protocols to follow.

Drink Driving Laws

What Is the Penalty for Dangerous Drink Driving That Has Caused Death?

The degree of penalty depends on whether its’ an aggravated offence or not. An aggravated offence is you were racing, you were drink driving and had a BACreading of more than 0.08 grams, driving more than 45km/hr, drug driving, and disqualified from driving.

The maximum punishment for aggravated crime is life imprisonment and disqualification from driving, and hefty fines if the person isn’t involved in an aggravated offence.

How Much Can I Drink When Driving?

It’s illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol or drive while drinking. However, there are general guidelines to stay under the legal limit.

That said, alcohol stays in the body for a varying period of time depending on gender, age, time, consumption before or after food, and other factors. Hence, it’s generally not recommended to drive on the same day you consume alcohol. If you are charged with a criminal offence involving drink driving, please contact the criminal solicitors in Sydney right away. Seek legal advice from the best lawyers of reputed criminal law firms in Sydney who will act in your best interest.