Food Stamp Fraud is a term that encompasses many types of fraud. However, the three that the food stamp fraud lawyers at Spodek Law Group P.C. see the most are:

Recipient Food Stamp Fraud

There is recipient food stamp fraud where a recipient of food stamp benefits receives food stamps that they are not entitled to. This comes in two general varieties: 1) An applicant for SNAP provides false or misleading information on their application and/or recertification or 2) An applicant for SNAP fails to include other members of the household, other sources of income, other resources or assets they have.

Food Stamp Trafficking

This is when SNAP benefits are exchanged for cash.

Retailer Food Stamp Fraud

This is when a retail store that participates in the food stamp program, gets disqualified from participant in the SNAP program and lies on their application to get reinstated.

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