Why should you go for a personal injury lawyer?


Usually, you can find a number of lawyers or attorneys who are willing to handle all your legal issues. However, a personal injury lawyer is a professional attorney who provides legal representation for a person who has been financially or physically hurt because of someone’s negligence or wrongdoing. A personal injury lawyer is a licensed person who will follow ethical obligations while trying to provide you justice. It is always better to hire a personal injury lawyer who can file a case on behalf of you as they have much more in-depth knowledge about the law than what you know.

Advantages of hiring a personal injury lawyer

  • The personal injury lawyer knows about the various civil rights and how to handle the financial and non -financial matters.
  • They will work on behalf of you for legal arguments in court.
  • Provide confidential services to their clients.
  • Can handle serious cases as well.

If you’re involved in an accident due to someone else’s mistake and thinking whether to hire a lawyer or not then it’s always advisable to hire a personal injury lawyer. If you are looking for Seattle personal injury attorney then you are at the right place.


Factors to consider before hiring a lawyer:

  • Property damaged: If it’s not a major damage you can actually get it settled with your insurer. As hiring an attorney would cost you more than the benefit which you might get out of it so you need to make sure to understand your requirement and necessity.
  • Physical injury: If you have suffered any kind of physical injury then you need to look into the severity of the injury. If it’s really severe and is really disturbing your job routine then it would be a right way to choose an attorney who can assist you throughout your case.
  • Budget: another important aspect which you need to consider before hiring a lawyer is your affordability to pay the fee for the advocate. If there is huge damage and you wish the person at fault to be punished at any cost then the attorney would charge you more as he needs to put extra efforts. It also depends upon the popularity of the attorney or firm as the reputed ones charge you more than usual.

There are a number of Seattle personal injury attorney available online and you need to make sure to choose the right attorney to get the best results that you are looking out for. They will do everything which they can do to help you in obtaining your compensation. A good attorney will help you to fight against your rights and punish the wrong ones. You might face a different kind of accidents or injury due to someone in your day to day life. Whatever might be the reason for your injury they would assist you and guide you in how to deal with such situations and help you in winning the case. Finding the right attorney would solve all the issues that you might face.

The Twisted Game of Disability Insurance


Disability insurance is a tricky game. As a Canadian employee, it has long been a part of your worker’s compensation package. As such, gaining access to your benefits was as simple as going to your HR representative and filling out some paperwork. If you got hurt or sick, you would not have to deal with sneaky insurance agents or hope that you had purchased the correct insurance for your particular case.

However, a new trend in employee benefits has seen the number of Canadians insured for disability pay through employment dip below the halfway mark. Surprisingly, the vast majority of us have not taken it upon ourselves to correct this lapse in coverage on our own. More and more, insurance companies are beginning to insert confusing language into disability insurance contracts, leading to a natural confusion over your rights when you finally do receive the benefits you are paying for.

One trick insurance agents use is a request for you to see a company-approved doctor to corroborate your illness or injury. This seems like a simple request, but oftentimes these doctors are working with the insurance company and will underestimate the extent of your condition. As well, in some cases – like one Arizona health insurance dispute – the insurance company can make the final decision on whether your specific circumstances meet the criteria that they have secretly set as a general internal rule.


Once the insurance company doctor looks it over, a broken leg that should be kept immobile for six weeks may end up being covered for only four. Likewise, a bronchitis case may be deemed as simply not severe enough to warrant any payout, even if you have missed a week of work or more recovering. This is not the way disability insurance should work – it is meant to work to your advantage to take care of you in the event an accident leaves you unable to work. Instead, it has become a tool for insurance companies to get rich at your expense and then try to wiggle out of paying you what you are owed.

Also, insurance payouts often get delayed for weeks at a time. Your provider may try to tell you that there is some type of waiting or holding period before they can release the payout to you. In reality, this is a stall tactic that many companies use to try to disincentivize you from claiming the benefits owed. If you don’t constantly hassle them, you may never see the funds. However, calling to complain day after day can be a cumbersome chore, especially if you find yourself stuck at the hospital recovering. Tracking down the payment that should be in your bank account already is the last thing you want to worry about.

Another tactic they use to back out of paying is to quickly disburse a part of the payment claiming it to be the entire benefits package owed to you. The thinking is that you might see the payment and simply take them at their word that you have gotten what you are meant to have. If you find yourself pulling teeth to receive the benefits you are owed, chances are you may simply skip it the next time you fall on hard times. This is how the insurance company gets you.

When you feel like you are being taken advantage of, you should stop playing games and call a disability lawyer to handle the case for you. Many will schedule a consultation to discuss the specifics of your case for free or at a small cost. Even then, having a professional on your side to eliminate the stress in a claims situation and get you the compensation you rightfully deserve will be well worth it.

It’s Never ‘Just’ a Car Accident

Car Accident

How many times have you been involved in, witnessed, or come upon the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident? If you’ve been driving for any length of time, chances are you’ve experienced dozens, maybe even hundreds of these incidents. Sadly, car accidents have become commonplace; more than 12 million traffic collisions occurred in the United States in 2016 (that’s more than 1300 per hour).

We’re now accustomed to the routine: the crash occurs, authorities are notified, police arrive, drivers and passengers are transported to medical facilities or get a ride home, cars are towed, and the scene is cleared. Every player knows their role and handles it efficiently.

However, even though the accident scene is tidied and traffic is rolling on obliviously as if nothing ever happened, it’s not the end of the story – especially if it’s happening to you. For anyone who finds themselves in this unfortunate situation, Long Beach car accident lawyer Johnson Attorneys Group recommend enlisting the help of an attorney who specializes in auto accidents and knows what questions to ask, like the following.

It’s Never ‘Just’ a Car Accident

“Were drugs or alcohol a contributing factor?”

In 2016, more than 27,000 drivers or passengers were injured in alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents in California; more than 1500 died as a result of those injuries. Additionally, 15 percent of traffic fatalities were attributed to drivers under the influence of drugs. Alcohol and drug impairments can include drowsiness, recklessness, slow reaction times, and impaired judgement – all of which negatively affect one’s ability to drive safely.

Amid the chaos of an accident, it may be difficult for you to ascertain on your own whether the person who hit you was under influence of drugs or alcohol, but law enforcement officers responding to the scene should be alert to telltale signs. Nevertheless, you should share anything and everything you observed before, during, and after the accident – not only so they can add this to their report, but also to help them determine if the other party’s actions might indicate impairment. If the police detect anything unusual, they’ll perform a field sobriety test. Your personal injury attorney will request these results as well as a copy of the police report.

“Did distracted driving play a role?”

Although there are plenty of things that can distract drivers, like children in the backseat, reaching for something in the floorboard, or watching the driver in the next lane instead of the road, the term “distracted driving” is now most associated with texting and driving. Although 47 states now have laws against texting while driving, more than 1,000 people each day are injured by distracted drivers…and nine are killed.

Texting incorporates three types of driving distractions, including visual, manual, and cognitive impairments, in that texting drivers take their eyes off the road, hands off the steering wheel, and their focus away from their most important task at hand. Taking your eyes off of the road for the five seconds it takes to read or send a text is like driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed. Distracted drivers will drift over into another lane, stop too early or too late, not use turn signals, or run off the side of the road; in a lot of ways, they drive as if they are under the influence.

If you suspect that a driver who caused your accident was texting and driving, be sure to mention this to the police. If any witnesses are available, ask them to share what they observed prior to the accident, and if possible, take pictures of the other car, including interior photos which may prove the presence of a mobile phone within the driver’s reach. Your auto accident attorney will work with the police to access the driver’s cell phone records, as well, if your case requires verification of what the driver was doing at the exact time of your accident.

Protecting Yourself and Your Rights as a Cyclist in California


California is a busy place. With roughly 40 million people living there, people are constantly on the move, going from one place to the next, driving in cars, riding on public transit, and of course, riding bikes. Being a cyclist is a great way to get around: it’s good for the environment, it eases traffic, and you’re making yourself healthier while you’re at it. But while cycling itself is a healthy way to get around, there are others out there who can represent a serious danger to cyclists.

Drivers and cyclists collide at an alarming rate. Many of these accidents are caused by negligent drivers. To protect yourself as a cyclist, you need to be proactive as you ride, and have an understanding your legal rights in case an accident should happen.

A world of danger for cyclists

There are nearly fifteen million registered vehicles in the state of California, and nearly as many opportunities for a bicycle-vehicle accident to occur. Vehicles can strike cyclists. They can be parked in bike lanes. Their doors can open suddenly and “door” cyclists, causing serious injuries. Cars can cut cyclists off, force them into new lanes, clip them when turning, and more.

But the cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans that do all of these things don’t do them on their own. These accidents are caused by negligent drivers.


Anticipating mistakes and riding defensively

You can’t control what negligent people do behind the wheels of cars and other vehicles. But, as a responsible and skilled cyclist, there’s a lot that you can do to protect yourself. You should always wear the proper safety gear when you ride your bike. A helmet is an absolute must, and additional safety gear is never a bad idea.

You should also practice defensive cycling. Never assume you know what a driver is going to do, and don’t challenge the recklessness and stupidity of others on the road: being in the right is not enough to avoid an accident!

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of being in a bicycle accident — not in California nor anywhere else. If, and when, you are involved in an accident, you need to protect your rights and your finances.

Fighting back in court

Cyclists have rights under California law. Lawmakers in counties, cities, and towns across the state have set rules and established bike lanes to protect cyclists. When drivers violate these rules, they break the law; when their reckless and negligent violations result in an injury to a cyclist, these drivers can be held accountable in court.

If you’re injured in a bicycle accident that was not your fault, you could have the makings of a personal injury lawsuit, and it would be wise to consult with a bicycle accident lawyer who understands California laws. In a personal injury lawsuit, a person injured as the result of someone else’s negligence can recover funds. That money can be a lifesaver when the injured party is dealing with the staggering expenses that emerge from a bicycle accident: hospital bills, physical therapy bills, wages lost due to an inability to work, and so much more.

If you do set up a consultation with an accident lawyer, bring documentation like police reports and medical bills, and explain your situation. Only accept legal advice from a trained attorney familiar with your case. Your attorney will lay out your options, and you can begin fighting for what’s yours following a bicycle accident.